Blog Tour: The Woman With Wings

Alison Spedding is a loner; no real friends, no boyfriend and a job in which she goes unnoticed.
At 32, her only passion is birdwatching. That is until one afternoon, high on a Scottish mountain, Alison experiences something that causes her grip on reality to slip. As her mind begins to spiral towards breaking point, her infatuated colleague, Jed, is concerned. Can he intervene before Alison finally loses control?
The Woman with Wings explores one woman’s identity whilst posing universal questions: Who is she? Where does she belong? And must she accept her lot, or can she spread her wings and be free at last?

I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This was such a well written book. I really love MacManus’ writing style. It is so very clean and descriptive. I loved that this was a story about a woman finding herself and where she belongs. I really just couldn’t put this book down. 

I really felt like I resonated with Alison. I am also a single woman in her thirties who enjoys her own company and loves birds. This part of the book made me chuckle and feel like this was the book for me as I have 14 birds of my own!

My only real complaint with this book is the why. Why was a story like this written? I enjoyed it a lot but I felt it did not have a direction as to why it was written.  I will say it is a very character driven novel. 

The cover of this book is absolutely stunning. It was what drew me into this book. Overall, this was a great read. Thank you to the publisher, the author, and NetGalley for allowing me to review this title.  Click here to order your copy today!

Image and synopsis taken from NetGalley.


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