Book Review: Storm of Ash

As Talia treks back through the treacherous North Mountains, she knows only three things:
Pantheon has stolen nearly everyone she loves;
Her blood is the only control over the Voynich’s oldest secret;
And Cassius won’t stop hunting Arafel until every last outsider is destroyed.
Will Talia finally face her legacy and defeat Cassius before it is too late?

I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I have been a big fan of the Book of Fire series for many years now. I found them when book one had just been released and I fell in love with the universe that Michelle Kenney had created. As sad as I am to see this series end, this was the PERFECT way to close this door. 

Michelle Kenney has such a unique and interesting writing style that just seeps into your mind and alters your perspective. It is engaging and intriguing. Every book has just gotten better and better. This is the ultimate story of good vs evil. 

Kenney’s world building is unlike any other author I have found and I just really enjoy being involved in this world. I secretly hope she will come out with a sequel series (or even a prequel!) 

I don’t want to go into deep detail because I do not want to ruin this ending for anyone but O M G. THAT WAS SO INTENSE.

I loved this book. I loved this series. I cannot believe how lucky I was to get an ARC! Thank you SOOO much to Michelle Kenney, HQ Digital, and NetGalley for letting me review this amazing book!
Cover art and synopsis taken from NetGalley.

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