Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year my fellow book nerds!! Weird question, does it ever bother you when people say “Happy New YearS”? It’s only one year!! Drop the S!!!! Such a strange little pet peeve of mine. I dislike it more than when people say “oh I haven’t seen you all year!” Anywhozille! I hope you all had a fantastic and safe New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!

In my Christmas post I mentioned that I had some new things in the works for Feathered Fables and I wanted to go into detail about the fun things we have coming! This isn’t the entire list, because some of the things I have in the works will not take place until summer! So without further delay.. Here we go!

We are getting our own domain name!

Yep! You read that right! I have officially started the process of moving to a legit domain name! We will become featheredfables.com VERY soon! I am super excited to launch this. It almost feels a smidgen intimidating at the same time though!

More non book review posts!

For 2020 I have set my goals for posting more non book review posts. I want to post more about my ideal casts for books turned to movies, book to movie/show comparisons, and just random bookish stuff but not limit myself to reviews only.

Feathered Fables Book Club/Readalongs

This is one of the things I am most excited for! I am in the process of starting my own book club/buddy read group on facebook! The second week of each month I am planning on starting a new read along for all of my book nerd friends to join me on! We will read and discuss and just have a good time! If you have any suggestions for the first book let me know!!

More information about my feathered friends!

As you know, my other passion is birds and I would love to share them more with you! I plan on posting a bit more photos of them as well as their back stories, how I picked their names, and what I think their favorite books would be! I am super excited for you to meet them as they are such a big and wonderful part of my life!

Tuesday Top Tens!

My other post goal for 2020 is to release a “top ten”post every Tuesday! I want to really dive into different genres and I feel this will help me do so! At the moment I have several ready to be posted! So be prepared! This wont JUST be about books either! I plan on making this a bit about everything! Shows, Movies, etc.

I am really excited about 2020 and I feel it will be a year of growth for not just me, but for everyone. I hope to stick to a good schedule of posting and I cannot wait til this summer for my BIG announcement! I love you all and I hope you have had a safe and wonderful holiday season ❤

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