My bundles of joy!

It has been an exciting two weeks in my household. Most of you all know that I have quite a flock of birds that I care for…. well that number just increased by two! I am happy to announce that my cockatiels, Stella and Dusty, are the proud parents of these two little cuties!!

After much debate and 239420342309 name changes, I think I have finally settled on Gizmo and Bowie for their names. They are so sweet! If you want to keep up with their progress (and see how weird they looked just 10 days ago) check out their instagram www.instagram.com/NerdyBirds_

It has been super exciting watching them grow so fast! I have been hand feeding them (along with the parents) and it is almost like having a real newborn! They eat every two hours (and they definitely let you know when they are hungry).

I just wanted to share this little piece of my everyday life with you!

❤ Sari B.

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