Feathery Updates

Greetings Nerds! I wanted to give you all a bit of a life update this beautiful Sunday morning! I want to start this out by letting you all know that the baby birds are doing just fine! We had an incident on last Sunday morning regarding Gizmo and Bowie, but I want to assure you that they are in the most pristine health and are being well cared for.

                Last Sunday I got up as usual and fed all the feathered freeloaders and changed the babies bedding as I do ever morning. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at all. About an hour later, I went into my office to do some writing and I noticed that the babies were outside of the nesting box. I went to check on my little baby goblins and I noticed that they had blood on their heads. Stella and Dusty had been over preening them that morning. (You can actually see where their little heads are bal-d and where they were over preened. Don’t worry, their feathers are already growing back. I double checked the babies for any other injuries and I noticed that the parents had not fed them that morning. I knew then I needed reinforcements.

                I called my good friend who raises babies and she walked me through how to hand feed them. I know how to hand feed, but I have never hand fed babies that are completely dependent on hand feedings. My main concern was my work schedule. As an everyday job, I am gone for several hours and the babies would need to be fed during this time. My friend told me I could bring them to her house, and she would care for them for a week or two until their feedings were more regular and further spaced. I am forever in her debt for caring for my little babies!

                They have changed so much in the weeks they have been on this little planet. They may be small but the spark they have put in my heart is something that will be there always. They are so so so very special. I cannot wait until Thursday, because I will be picking up my sweet babies! I have missed them so much!! Gizmo is such a ham! He loves food and is all about eating and snuggling all the time. Bowie is the feisty one, he likes to act like a tough guy.

                Sorry for all my baby bird rambling, I know this is a book blog, but it is also an outlet for me as well! If you guys want more bird stories or have any bird related questions, you can let me know down below or check out their Instagram which I update daily! (link will be below!) I love being able to share my birdly life with you all!

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6 thoughts on “Feathery Updates”

  1. They are so cute!!! We had 2 baby’s too last year but they died while hatching. Then we had to separate the adult birds because they got so aggressive. Now we only have 1 adult left, and his very naughty he doesn’t like coming out of his cage. Also he doesn’t me putting my hands in the cage, but is fine with other people doing it. His also a bit of a show off if someone new pays attention to him 😂


    1. Are they cockatiels too?? The momma and daddy of these two are absolutely vicious! These guys are snuggle bugs but their parents are straight up jerks! I have an African grey who’s bite hurts less than the cockatiels


      1. Yes cockatiels, we had to rehome the mummy one, as she tried to attack everyone, even if you just walked past the cage. We actually brought 2 because they were supposed to be both males 😂

        Sure does hurt when bitten, nearly always draws blood.

        I’ve always wanted a parrot 😁


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