Book Review: The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter

Sixteen-year-old Anna sees things from another world, the spiritual world, a skill that isn’t exactly useful in high school. It’s bad enough that her mother, possessed by a demon, took her own life when Anna was a child, a loss she remains tortured by. Now her father makes his living “clearing” haunted objects, and Anna’s job as his assistant makes her a social misfit. Most kids in her suburban New Jersey town refer to her just as “Goblin Girl.”
Only Freddy and Dor remain loyal friends. But Anna’s so focused on her own problems, she’s missed that her connection with Freddy is moving beyond the friend zone and that Dor is in crisis.
As junior year approaches, a rare solar storm lights up the night skies and the citizens of Bloomtown begin to act strangely: Anna’s teachers lash out, her best friends withdraw, and the school bullies go from mean to murderous. When Anna realizes she can harness this evil power, she sets out to save Bloomtown and the only family she has left.
But to do so, she must keep her own increasingly dark urges at bay.

I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  

I really wish I had paid a bit more attention to the trigger warnings on this book. The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter while amazing, was also incredibly triggering for me for many reasons (i.e Pedophilia, bullies, suicide, sucide idealization, self harm, etc..) I actually had to step away from reading on several different occasions just to calm myself down. Nevertheless, I decided to power through and finish the book. 

The story follows a 16 year old Anna who sees creatures from another world. This tends to complicate her highschool career quite a bit. After her mother’s demonic episode leading to her suicide, Anna has a really hard time coping. She is bullied because of her father’s career as a ghost hunter and taunted by the nickname “goblin girl.”  

Anna starts being haunted by nightmares, violent thoughts, etc. She knows that something supernatural must be at play and she must harness her connection to the source to uncover the truth. 

Overall, it was a great read It was super dark and at times very heavy, but I love Caroline Flarity’s confidence in her writing. She wasn’t afraid to tackle uncomfortable subjects. I do recommend this book but I will say please heed the trigger warnings. I give this book a 3 star rating due to the amount of triggering situations, but still a very very solid read.

A personal thank you to NetGalley, East Side Press Publishing, and Caroline Flarity for allowing me to review this book. 

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Images and synopsis taken from NetGalley.