Book Review: The Stone Rainbow

Jack Pedersen is finding life complicated ever since he came out to his mom. Even though she’s been doing her best to understand, it’s obvious to Jack that his mom still wants to cry every time she says the word gay.
Complications go into overdrive when a new student named Benjamin arrives at his high school, and Jack starts experiencing feelings he’s never allowed himself before. When a near tragedy turns life upside down, Jack realizes that it’s time to stop hiding and to stand up—for Pride, for Benjamin, and for himself.

I received a digital advanced reader copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I really wanted to like this book, but if I am being honest.. I almost DNF’d it. It just really did not sit well with me. This book was so obviously written by a straight person who has never identified with the struggles and issues that members of the LGBTQIA+ community has faced. 

And what was up with Jack’s homophopic friend (and why the heck was Jack just accepting of his homophobia?!)

I had an almost impossible time connecting with Jack, well with any of the characters really. The dialogue was super confusing and I had a hard time figuring out who exactly was saying what. I had to reread most of the dialogue. I did rather enjoy Jack’s growth throughout the book. And I did love that some bigger topics were addressed. I do want to add that this book needs a trigger warning. The Stone Rainbow contains suicide/suicide attempts/suicidal thoughts and that should be known before picking this title up to read.

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Images and synopsis taken from NetGalley.