Book Review: Never Knew Until You

After the dissolution of her fourteen-year marriage to her cheating ex-wife, forty-year-old college professor Parker Freeman finds herself adrift. Suddenly middle-aged with so much time wasted, she seeks solstice online where she stumbles upon The Pandora Agency—an organization claiming to help individuals find themselves through submission. Encouraged to be a little wild by her best friend, Parker speaks to the agency and sets up a meeting with a female dominant, Miss Diaz.
Greeted at the door of an impressive Miami townhouse by a young woman, Parker questions her decision as she waits for the girl’s mother. Stunned by the reveal that twenty-four-year old Kristina is in fact the Miss Diaz she has come to meet, she is dragged head first into a new world.
Despite Kristina’s commitment issues and Parker’s shattered confidence, the two enter into a tenuous agreement that sparks Parker’s rediscovery of herself. Both are surprised by their compatibility until they stumble across the line from arrangement into relationship, and Kristina calls their time together to an end. When an unexpected catastrophe throws them back together, old demons are finally brought into the light, and both women must decide if letting go of the past is worth the future they could have together.

I received a digital advanced reader copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

So, I will be really honest about this.. It reminded me way too much of 50 Shades of Grey… but deep down I enjoyed it. I loved Parker and Kristina’s relationship. It almost seemed a bit stronger than most because of the BDSM elements. I am not usually one for erotic fiction, but I liked this.. 

The story itself seemed very repetitive to me. I felt like there were wayy too many repeating issues and nothing ever truly felt resolved. The erotic bits were well written and just down right steamy.

The chemistry between Parker and Kristina is absolute fire and their relationship blooms just so naturally. The age gap was something semi unexpected for me. This seems to be a real trend in today’s writing. 

The story moved quickly and I finished it in less than a day. It is a quick and easy lesbian erotic romance! Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for allowing me to review this title. 

Image and synopsis taken from NetGalley.

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